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Aug 24, 2019

Your mind is in the right location, if you are a Japanese traveler contemplating a trip. The varied landscape of the country provides you the opportunity to see huge cities, sprawling plains, beaches, mountains and natural perspectives seen only in the usa.
The whole nation is a hotbed for civilization, holidays and sightseeing tours, but tourist coming from Japan may have some questions regarding visiting the U.S. for the very first time, especially when it come to the legalization of cannabis. Now we are going to clarify what Japanese tourist can expect and the way Japan cannabis culture and laws compare to America’s. We answer your questions below!
Visiting, Traveling & Vacationing in America
How long does it take to travel from Japan to the USA?
Travel time is something to think about when planning your holiday or experience. Getting to the United States from Japan is simpler today with modern day aviation. The flight period may take anywhere from 14-40 hours depending on layovers you strike.
Why do tourists like visiting with the United States of America?
There are tons of reasons why people are currently visiting the United States from Japan. Across America, there are countless places to enjoy excellent food innovations, varied landscapes, and now that marijuana legalization is flourishing in 11 states and Washington D.C, tourist can enjoy smoking a wide-range of cannabis breeds and delicious edibles.
Where should I see in the Usa?
When going in your USA holiday, you’ll get the chance to see many different unique cultures and natural beauty regardless of what part of the nation you see. Consider stops, if you want to get a sense of the nation. Denver Colorado for its mountains, its ski.
Washington DC for its history, its museums, its gravitas. San Francisco and Los Angeles California for their shores, their civilization. The excitement, las Vegas, Nevada for its shows, the gambling.
Remember to acquaint yourself with the areas you travel and attempt to remain at every place for at least a week as you won’t fully grasp what a cities’ or states’ civilization is at a day or 2.
America has a lot of experience and scenery to provide because you enjoy your USA travel.
Now we’ll talk about all the ways that you may optimize your time at the United States so read on!
Recognizing Cannabis Culture & Laws
Marijuana isn’t among them, while Japan is well known for many forms of recreation. Drug laws in general are intense. This is very true in regards to cannabis laws. Pot court sentences are lengthy and strict which leads individuals to pass on cannabis altogether.
What is Japan’s cannabis culture like?
Because of the strict marijuana laws of Japan, the cannabis culture in Japan is scarce. That does not indicate that consuming cannabis isn’t liked by the Japanese. Let us be real. A majority of the world enjoys marijuana in some form but since cannabis related arrests in Japan include a 99% conviction rate, often accompanied by numerous years in prison, the majority of taxpayers their tend to play it safe. In other words legalization or even edibles of cannabis in Japan are not a chance for the future.
For proof of how severe Japanese law enforcement chooses such regulations, one needs only to look back into the year 1980 when Paul McCartney (yeah, a part of the Beatles) was arrested and deported for possessing marijuana.
Credit there have been a number of high-profile cannabis related arrests in the entertainment industry of Japan. Japan marijuana laws are no joke.
What about CBD in Japan?
Even with the strict laws in mind, it is not all bad. There are lots of cannabis byproducts with their own classes. Hemp, as well as a variety of different cannabis oils that are popular in the U.S. are easily available in Japan.
Cannabidiol (CBD) without THC is classified as a health food in Japan. Therefore any byproduct is allowed cannabis laws now apply to the blossom and seeds of this plant.
Since there are lots of health benefits related to 20, for people this is excellent. Studies have proven the CBD can inflammation, lowered rates of depression, sleeplessness, and even anxiety. But CBD supply the feeling cannabis to you or doesn’t get you high and this is sometimes real bummer for citizens.
USA Marijuana Tourism
As a consequence of the difference between how the U.S. and Japan strategy marijuana laws, there is a major market for marijuana tourism in the United States. We have our own tumultuous history with cannabis but as time advances and lawmakers become more malleable into the notion of legalized marijuana we continue to see more and more states go green.
While cannabis still is not legal everywhere in the nation, there are increasingly more secure spaces where you can walk right into a shop and leave a purse of high shelf kush. No risk of any sort, no prison sentences.
Hopefully 1 day there will be a highly effective Japanese cannabis legalize movement for us to view real change.
Don’t wait for marijuana laws. Head on over to the usa for a excursion of the cannabis culture that is green.
Yet another thing to keep in mind for the Japanese tourist contemplating marijuana in the usa. Technically speaking, the Japanese government considers cannabis consumption abroad a crime. However, if you don’t get arrested from this country for a marijuana related charge it’ll be virtually impossible to prove.
The solution? Stick to the legalized conditions that are green, and you should not encounter any problems.
Cannabis Tourism in USA
Now that you are offered on the excursion, let us begin discussing what you may expect to do if you get here. There are tons of ways to maximize your cannabis experience in the United States. By choosing the proper places to go, it all begins.
Best places to eat cannabis in the United States
Without question, the best places to eat cannabis or marijuana in the United States are places where it is legal. USA vacations provide broad access to the plant to the simple fact that the nation is constantly expanding its marijuana rights.

U.S. Cannabis Tourism Started in Denver
Denver is the number one and primary destination for marijuana tourism in the United States since they were the first to legalize and have been lenient into the use of cannabis annually.
After legalization hit in 2014, tourism at the Denver area went full steam ahead and thrives in the city today.
Apart from Amsterdam, there is no other location that has this type of cannabis experience potential. Denver was the very first place in America to sponsor 420 events and concerts such as the World-Famous Cannabis Cup and Mile High Festival. The Cannabis Cup had been held at Amsterdam, but High Times brought it to Denver.
Check out what’s going on in Denver during the 2019 Colorado Cannabis 420 Week of this year.

California Hub
Other states like California want to grab, but Colorado was completely valid for 4 years longer.

Popular destinations in California include San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles where cannabis billboards and green signs can be understood along every street. Cannabis Tours have a number of experiences you can get involved in on your California weed vacation.
What to expect?
Marijuana laws in lawful conditions are fairly generous but there are some things to keep in mind.
For the most part, public consumption for example , a no no. For instance, you can probably eliminate smoking cannabis on the broadwalk of Venice Bench, but it is not recommended because public consumption is a”prohibited”. That means you should not walk down main street with a joint in your mouth, puffing smoke and expect individuals or law enforcement to be okay with it.
Your best bet will be to obtain rental unit or a marijuana resort where you can go eat cannabis and to safely roll up. Or another option would to visit a dispensary so you can puff discreetly and without the odor, and get a cannabis oil vape pencil.
It’s important to be aware that a vehicle can’t run other than a sealed bag.
The principles are pretty simple and straightforward, follow along with and so be sensible.
Which type of cannabis experiences or services are offered?
You are the sort of stoner that likes to remain active. If that’s the case you will realize that there are plenty of services available that can help you optimize your experience.
That in mind, let us spend just a little bit of time breaking down each of the cannabis that is exciting chances you will discover in the conditions.
Cannabis Tours
One of the best ways where you are visiting to get introduced into the cannabis culture is to get involved in a 420 friendly cannabis tour.
These experiences provide you the chance to view everything from marijuana dispensaries to outdoor and indoor expansion farms and even a journey through the extraction procedure.
Have a look at one of tour packages and our top three cannabis places:
Denver Cannabis Tours
420-friendly limousine420-friendly loungesAttend glass blowing demoMarijuana samplesBrewery & develop facility toursHemp CBD and farm classMedicine Person Denver grow tourSan Francisco Cannabis Tours
Bud and wine tourOaktown cannabis tourOakland Cannabis CreativeLas Vegas Cannabis Tours
HotelsSin City cannabis tourLas Vegas exclusive increase tourHop on Hop off 420-friendly celebration Friendly Classes that are bus420
In case your cannabis tours left an itch for recreation to you, then you are in luck. There are plenty of cannabis related classes in the area that provide you a great opportunity to explore new principles with a healthy side of marijuana.
Have a look at these various cannabis classes:
PaintPuff Pass & puff Pass & POTteryPuff Pass & PamperCannabis cookingCannabis dinner partyCannabis karaoke nightPipemaking hospitality services that are 101420-Friendly
If you are in need or desire of any hospitality services, then you are in luck. There are lots of choice to take advantage of if visiting with a marijuana condition that is legal. For instance you will be met by our 420 friendly airport pickup once you get off the airplane, and also stop at a dispensary on the road to your resort.
And as you go on your tours be sure to reserve 420 friendly hotels at every one of your stops. At these places you will be able to spark in your room or while staying in this hotel’s good graces.
Booking a Group or Tour Event
So, now that you know what the USA marijuana scene is about, why wait? With all the opportunities it’s time to really have a lot of fun using a legal joint in your hands.
The fantastic news is that getting yourself set up is really pretty simple. To get hooked up with all the tours and conveniences today, that we’ve discussed, simply contact us . Or perhaps you want to be picked up at the airport at a vehicle and that’s no problem.
Should you need more information call us at 303-420-TOUR(8687)to talk with one of our customer support representatives. We’ve got professionals that speak both English and Japanese so that you should have no trouble getting all of the information that you need to make this trip a success.
Considering a trip with a collection that is large? Great! Parties of ten or more are eligible for a discount for teams invite all of your friends and head on over to the usa for a great time that you won’t forget.
One last point feel free to ask when there is opportunity or a service you’d like to see that we have not mentioned. Every traveler is a bit different which is why we also offer custom packages to make certain you like the experience you are looking for.
And needless to say, if you have any questions get in contact with us and inquire. We will contact you with all the email or telephone number you supply to be sure to get.
Featured image photo credit: Arnold Gold / Hearst Connecticut Media

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