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Nov 1, 2019

The official introduction Friday of a medical marijuana dispensary in 300 N. Main St. at Monroe attracted tons of attendees.

Jimmy Gould, CEO of CannAscend LLC, said the new place comes after almost seven decades of work to find medical marijuana in Ohio and a couple of decades of working to deliver it into Monroe.

“Our aim was to serve the patients of Ohio and also make this a reality and assist individuals instead treatment, which we believe has enormous advantages.”

Medical marijuana, he said, aids”quite a bit” together with his migraine headaches, more than a decade’s worth of prescription drugs along with a nerve block.

“It is faster,” he explained.

Gould said he along with many others at CannAscend worked with state legislators to construct a schedule under House Bill 523 that could function”for all sorts of individuals.”

“They have been ready to have dialog, and if you’ve dialogue, folks cross the aisles and make things happen, something I believe is lacking in our nation,” he explained.

Back in June 2016, former Gov. John Kasich signed a statement which authorizes use by individuals with 21 ailments, such as chronic or cancer pain, in the shape of edibles, oils, stains and vaporizing. Patients and their caregivers are going to be permitted to get up to some 90-day supply. Smoking or house growing it’s barred.

Of the 56 provisional licenses for dispensaries accepted last summer by the country, two have been at Butler County. Along with Strawberry Fields at Monroe, another was that the Bloom Medicinals, a medical marijuana dispensary in Seven Mile that started Thursday.

Gould said he is expecting that the healthcare community will use marijuana dispensaries,”get educated” on its own advantages and understand that medical marijuana is”a concept whose time has arrived.”

Strawberry Fields’ Monroe place is available 10 a.m. to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 pm Saturday.

Patients enter through a security-controlled door and are greeted with safety guards and ushered to a waiting area prior to obtaining access to your personal consultation area where they could meet dispensary brokers. Signs in the front desk warning that”backpacks aren’t allowed within the dispensary” and no photography is permitted.

Strawberry Fields’ three additional Ohio dispensaries will start next week, such as Tuesday in Marietta, Wednesday at Dayton and Thursday at Logan.

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